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A Home Inspection Is Not a Deal Killer!

Posted by mlavoy on February 26, 2020
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One of the more contentious areas of buying a home is the dreaded HOME INSPECTION.

Just the words strike fear into the hearts of both buyer, seller AND the real estate agents. It doesn’t have to be that way. A little planning on the sellers’ part, some reasonable attitude from the buyer and this too shall pass.

I try to help my seller clients be pro-active by getting a pre-listing home inspection. If we know the problems, and we know there will be problems, up front the seller will be prepared going into the listing. Small items, ie paint, caulking the tub and shower maybe the windows, should be dealt with before the home goes on the market.

Buyers that I work with must be reasonable on the repair requests.

Cracked wall plates, dryer knobs that don’t work and other small issues are all part of owning a home. Keep in mind, all homes, new and pre-existing, have small issues. They are part of homeownership and can be dealt with after the closing.

Some issues like old, leaking roofs should be handled before closing. Work with the seller, they want to sell the home and are more than likely willing to work with the buyer.

We have designed a checklist that can be used by either buyer or seller. It can be downloaded at

Be sure to take it with you on inspection day! The goal is to reach an agreement between buyer and seller…a win win for each.

Questions or comments about the home inspection process? Jot them down below, I will respond as soon as possible.

Better yet, give us some personal experiences with process you might have had. Good or bad!


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